Friday, December 30, 2011

Now What?

I don't ordinarily put much stock in "deadlines", new day, new week new year. It's all just a long rolling scroll of life. The new year however, does bring a time of reflection and the promise of change and new beginnings. I've given pause to look back and review the events of the passing year. 2011 started out well for me. I was able to see Apocalyptica three times in March and reconnect with my niece Tiffany. I had some pretty chronic health problems and some near misses during the summer months. Thankfully, they resolved and are under control at this time. The rest of the year was pretty low key. The last concert I hit was the Uproar Fest in September. I think I've been in a mild funk ever since, there were a couple of events that I wanted to go to but I blew them off because there are times when I'm simply tired of going to events by myself all of the time. It gets old, but the bottom line is that..I'd better get used to it. Things are never going to change, it is what it is. It's as if I live in some weird state of purgatory for lack of a better description.

As for knitting and spinning of course spinning has been in the lead. I have done some "utility knitting" lately. I am working on some leg warmers, very basic 2x2 rib, size 8 needle, 48 cast on. I am making them in anticipation of the cold and bit
ter weather that is eventually going to hit. I don't want to jinx myself but thus far the winter has been pretty mild, mid 30's to 40's on some days and no s-n-o-w. I've been spinning on my Trindles quite a bit. I've even gifted myself another pair of arms and a fancy shaft! The new arms spin somewhere between a worsted and sport weight. Still plucking away on the lovely blue-ish lace weight on my wheel. I switch my bobbins between that an a really basic worsted. I can only spin lace weight for so long, then my eyes and fingers start to cross. I also broke my own rules this year and knitted an X-mas prezzie. I made a Star Wars hat for my friend Billy, an action hero uber geek. I bit the bullet and decided a week before X-mas to start this project. I can't believe I finished it in time including blocking. Color work is not really my favorite knitting and using 3 colors was a real challenge but his reaction made it all worth it. I used the charts from Rav and "babzer's" project notes. I love it when someone else does the math! I alternated between the Storm Trooper and R2D2 motif's and worked a "May the force be with you" band at the bottom. Next on my knitting list will be more utility knitting as my Fibertrends felted clogs just blew through the heel. Note to self and others, double strand worsted, don't use single strand bulky. NOT the same as far as wear.

As far as other going's on. I'm still doing Kettlebell classes. I have to keep this old body moving, Cod knows I'll never be able to retire. I am looking to take some of the free classes offered this week to get a jump start back in to my routine. I do have one concert on the books. I'm going to see "the Darkness" on Feb 10th! This was probably the first band that got me started going to concerts again after deciding that I probably needed to live my own life. I was really surprised when Laythe let me know that they were touring again. They're very tongue in cheek and FUN. I could use a little more fun right now. How about you?


fluffybunnylover said...

I loved Billy's reaction! Also, if you want an inseparable buddy to do things with, I am hip! Just let me get over this pneumonia first. Also, Tony and o are looking forward to the forward to the dirty show this year!

Batty said...

Sniff, I wish I lived closer! Love your taste in music, would totally come along if it were feasible.

2paw said...

I hope your funk has sloped off by now. I loved Billy's reaction too. He was unwrapping it as if it might go off. Fabulous hat too.
It is always nice to have a friend to go along to things with you. Maybe someone will pop up??