Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Back....

Would love to give a nice cohesive, interesting post but, I just don't think it's going to happen today. It's been a long time since I've updated my blog and I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I don't have much to say or not. I have overcome a lot of the health problems that I was having as of my last post. It seems that the doc was right and it was acid reflux causing a lot of my problems. Apparently it's a lot wider spread problem because it seems that everyone that I talk to has had a bout of it or is suffering from it daily. Of course my doc put my on a prescription medication which I took until my symptoms were under control, at that point I started looking around for something a little more natural. I had seen a lot on the internet about apple cider vinegar helping. I don't usually put much stock in to a lot of alternative therapies, it seems that most alternative sites offer a lot of information without a lot of valid studies to back it up. I felt that trying ACV as an alternative would be fairly innocuous and probably wouldn't do any real damage if it didn't work. I've been using it for the last 2 months, so far so good. I have a glass with a tablespoon in the AM and then before I go to bed. I have little flare up's when I eat too late at night but other than that, I've been OK.

As for knitting and spinning, it seems that I've been doing a lot more on the spinning side. I finally finished a cowl th
at I started last month. I needed to complete something. I used the last of my hand spun green goodness that I used for my loop scarf. I like the pattern I think I like more of a twisty cowl so that I can tighten it around my neck. As for spinning, I've been doing a LOT, I seriously can't remember everything that I've been spinning since my last post. A couple of things pop out. Some nice black and red angora blend with sparkles, a BFL alpaca blend in a heathered twist. I also started the "Bandana cowl" with a bit of spindle spun that I dyed purple. It turned out sort of variegated with nice color splashes. I ran short right at the upper purl ridge cuff, I dyed some more today and I think I got pretty close, if not, it's OK to have a contrasting cuff.

Personal stuff, my car needed major work this week, drive shaft, wheel bearings, U joints. Not a cheap repair but at least I have mechanics that I trust to do the job right and for a fair price. Still taking the Kettlebell class. I added a core strengthening class for the last 6 weeks but they decided not to run it again and I think that for now once a week with doing a little bit at home here and there will work out better for me right now. No concerts coming up at this point, Uproar Fest in September was awesome, I was so glad to finally see A7X. They rocked it as did all of the other bands. Family and dog is status quo. Nothing else really changes, but like I said, maybe that's a good thing. Hope everyone is doing well out there in cyber land and life is treating you well.


fluffybunnylover said...

OK, this isn't liking me. Third attempt to post my comment. I am glad you are feeling better and your doc is not a quack!

Coley said...

Great seeing you on Saturday. We need to get together more often. Next time, "dragon's mead" spinning &/or knitting!

I love Thankskilling!


Rudee said...

OMG...first of all, I love your new avatar. LMAO as it looks like me first thing in the morning.

The cowl is gorgeous and your description of hand spun goods makes me want to sit at my wheel.

Kristyn said...

Love the cowl. I really want a spinning wheel but I just don't think it is a good idea until Clark is a little older and we have a bigger place.

2paw said...

I'm glad you are feeling healthier and have found the apple cider vinegar helps. We have some lovely local apple cider vinegar here that I use too. Lovely green cables, such a pretty colour and well done with your spinning too.My car is off for a service next week, but it's only the One Year one so it should be OK!!

Anonymous said...

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