Sunday, April 03, 2011

.....and then I rocked AGAIN

Call me obsessive, call me crazy...yeah I know. I am an Apoholic.

After I got back from my 2 shows in Flint and London I was FBing with my niece Tiffany. I told her that Apocalyptica was going to be playing at a club in Knoxville where she lives and that she should go with her boyfriend and check them out. I got a message back almost immediately..."are you c
oming down? I'll get tickets, I'll get your room ready". Well really...what could I do, I had to go. So I fanagled a Monday off of work and set about getting ready to go back on the road. I left Saturday after work, drove to Cincinnati that afternoon and evening, got up the next morning and drove the rest of the way to Knoxville. I met up with Tiff, we were so happy to see each other and really really psyched for the concert that night. After all it was going to be Tiff's first time and I promised her that she'd get to meet the band afterward. We left out early to the venue with Tiff and her BF Matt. I explained that we had to get there early because we were going to be right UP front. So we got there positioned right on the rail, actually there was space for one and Tiff sort of shoved me right up front and center. She's a firecracker that one ;-) There were a couple of opening bands and then Apocalyptica came on. It was an amazing show as usual and the crowd was really really in to it. I was so glad to see that because at first it seemed like the crowd was going to be kind of small and laid back. As the crowd got more in to the show so did the band so they really seemed to be enjoying their performance. It didn't take long in to the show for me to get spotted....Paavo lowered his eyes and gave me "the look". Tiffany was standing right behind me so she started pulling on my hair and saying "Aunt Marji he SAW you!". Paavo kept being really flirty with us all during the show even planting his cello right in front of us and doing a little hip shake. At the end of the show they played "I don't care" and I grabbed Tiff and pulled her right up next to me. Paavo seemed to be playing right to us and he even yelled something at us from the stage but I couldn't hear what he said. After the show was over Tiff was really going on about what a great show it was and how amazed she was by their musicianship and how they turned cellos in to a completely different instrument. We got matching hoodies and Tiff bought a CD to get signed by the band. Tiff and I stayed to wait for the band and Matt left for home. It didn't take long for the guys to come out. Mikko and Perttu were the first, I got some really nice shots of us with them that Kelli from NC graciously took. Mikko signed the shirt that I neglected to have him sign in Flint. Then Eicca came out and we got more great shots and hugs. Of course..we know who was last, Paavo. He was across the street and some fans had walked over to talk to him so Tiff and I did the same. He finally came over to us and said while pointing at Tiff, "Is this your very good friend? I said "No, this is my niece and this is her first Apocalypitca show". He got a look on his face walked right up to her and said "Hi,...I'm Paavo". He then got down on one knee and kissed her hand. I think her feet came up off the ground about a foot and I'm not really sure that they've touched ground since. ;-) We chatted for a couple of minutes. Got a couple of shots with him and Paavo hugs of course then we headed back to Matt's mom's house for the night. I got up the next day and hung out with Tiff for an hour or so and then hit the road again for the 8 hour drive home. It was amazing it was incredibly fun and I've created another rabid Apo fan...and Tiff let me know the other day that Apocalyptica is playing again in TN mid May. Am I going?........................

As for knitting stuff, very sloooowww going on the Retro Redux shrug. It's endless rows of yo K2tog and then yo P2tog on the wrong side. I know it's going to be cute when it's done but blurrrgghh. Then it'll be picking up stitches and K2 P2 ribbing for the border. I also started a pair of fingerless mitts out of my spindle s
pun hand dyed I don't think I'll have enough for both mitts so I'm spinning more and I'll have to try and match or possibly over dye to get a matching set. That's ok, it's all in good fiber fun. I'm dying to start something lace, a shawl or cowl or something and I've got my eye on a couple of "instant gratification projects as well. Any suggestions?

Personal stuff...I'm just getting over a case of killer cooties and now Mr. Larj is suffering from the same crud. Maude is up for driver re-examination, I don't really think she's going to pass this time. I guess that means that I'll have to up my child-parent responsibilities. Ergh. Hopefully the warm weather will be here shortly!!


2paw said...

I think you deserve a reserved possie every time there is a show!! That is a great photo of you all!!
I have no instant gratification knitting ideas, mittens are quick, and a cowl too. I am glad you are well, but poor Mr Larj. The Lurgy is everywhere!!!

Batty said...

I love Apocalyptica and would go weekly if I could. I don't see anything wrong with going often. Glad you had a great time!

best pre workout supplements said...

Is there such a thing "to often"? :)