Monday, October 11, 2010

Runaway Life...

Yeah it kind of feels that way, like life has been so crazy and hectic that I haven't had time to sit and think about anything to blog about. Not that there hasn't been a lot going on. Let's see, since the last time I was here...of course more Apocalyptica madness. I went to Chicago to see them at the House of Blues. I opted for the VIP package this time. It included some swag and a meet and greet with the band before the show. I have to say that the meet and greet was a bit of a disappointment. It was only about 20 minutes long and rather rushed feeling. Of course young cute and aggressive got most of the face time in with the band. I was hanging back and only managed to get in 2 autographs and of course a Paavo hug. I didn't even have time to give Eicca and Mikko their Merci scarves that I had knitted for them. So at the very last minute I gave Eicca both of the scarves and he told me that he would make sure that Mikko got his. Then it was time for the show. There were 2 opening bands, one was Evaline and the other was Dir En Gray. I thought Evaline was OK but personally Dir En Gray sucked and Michelle (another Apo stalker) and I went out in the lobby and chatted during their set. Then it was time for Apo to go on, their set was amazing and included a lot of their standard favorites and several of their songs from the new album. When it was pretty close to the end of their set a couple of local radio guys came out and announced that the band would be at an after party at the HOB VIP suite, first come first serve. Oh KNOW that when it came to the end of their set I bolted and got in line. I texted Michelle and told her where I was at and she met me there. It was awesome, of course young cute and aggressive still got most of the face time but I at least got to chat with Mikko, get a shot with Perttu and got lots of face time with Paavo. I also met the touring singer with the band, Tipe Johnson. I told him I was Mrs. Johnson and he said "uh huh" and I said "no really". Of course this is when Michelle got the shot of me where I am having an "I Love Lucy" flashback look on my face. Completely ridiculous but all in good fun. All in all a really good time. While at the after party Paavo told me that there would be some unannounced gigs in this area at the end of November/December and sure enough they are playing in Flint on November 30th. Do I have my tickets already? You bet!

As for knitting and spinning, I have been doing a lot of really simple stuff. I made the 2 scarves for the Apo boys and then made another for myself using my hand spun. I have also been picking away on the "Seaweed Scarf" that I started this last spring at the Knit-away in Lexington. Next on my project list is a little utility knitting. My felted clogs finally sprouted a good sized hole in the heel. A sad day indeed, so now I am working on their replacement pair using the updated Fiber Trends pattern. Basically the same but it called for a second circ. in a funky size that I didn't have so Amy came to my rescue today with the perfect needle for me to finish the job. Yay! I can't be without my felted clogs. They are probably my favorite knitted item ever.

Probably the most exciting fibery thing that I've had going on
is the customization of my wheel "Ingiborg" I commissioned a local artist, Stephen Vincent, to do a Zombie sheep motif on my wheel. He came through in a big way and it looks absolutely AMAZING! I also had him paint a matching tote bag for me while he was at it. Baahhhraaains!! Still spinning, I really watch how much time and effort I spend doing it though. I've gotten a reprieve from the tendinitis and I don't care to have another flare up any time soon. Not only was it painful but incredibly debilitating as well.

Other new? Well I've started a kettlebell class. It's sort of an aerobic and weight combo type of thing. I really like it and it gives you a really fantastic work out. It's at the community center right by my house so I don't have any excuse to miss it. I'm also trying to convince Maude to get a dog. She really needs something. She is completely bored without someone to bitch at. I don't really know how she's doing otherwise as she keeps herself pretty closed. Now I know where I get it from. Mr. Larj, sick as Hell. He caught the cooties that I had last week and now he's completely miserable. He's also back at playing Warcraft. So much for joining the real world...meh.

Fall is here the leaves are turning. I have a lot going on. You know me, I'm not one to let the grass grow under my feet. Upcoming events are the Zombie walk in Hazel Park, the Washtenaw fiber fest, Jenny's wedding and of course...more Apocalyptica!

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