Sunday, June 06, 2010

Healing the Body and Mind.

That's really what I've been working on. Not much in the way of fiber since I've been trying to heal the tendinitis that's been bedeviling me since last September. That's right I'm almost to a year of suffering with this crap. I can't express how this chronic pain has pissed me off and caused me to be fatigued both physically and mentally. I have to say though, that with the exercises that I've been doing and the judicious use of ice and NSAID's I am finally starting to feel a glimmer of relief. I have also been working on adapting the way I spin and knit. I've had a bit more luck with adapting my spinning techniques. I did a full 3 hours yesterday and my spinning circle and woke up today without stiff and painful arms. Amazing! I have had a harder time finding ways to adapt my knitting techniques. I have managed to get my arms in a neutral position but it's not comfortable in other ways. Still working on that one. Any suggestions?

My big doin's of the last month or so would be the mini-vaca that I took to go to Columbus to attend Rock on the Range. I always wanted to do a 2 day metal fest and when I saw that Apocalyptica was going to play...of course I had to go. It was brutal, it was glad that I went. The first day was sort of rainy and overcast. There were a lot of good bands and the night ended with Godsmack. They put on a really great show and Sully showed off his drumming chops with an extra drum kit that swept on to the stage. The second day was sunnier and warmer, much warmer. Basically Crew stadium was metal bleachers with metal plates on the field so it was like being in a big Jiffy Pop container. When I got there the second day there was a guy there from FYE that was handing out flyers letting people know that certain bands were doing autograph signings after their sets. Yay!! Apo was on the list, I ran back to get my wrist band and CD for them to sign (even though I already had it). They were the first band of the day and of course played brilliantly. After their set I went back to the area where they were doing their signings. and got in line. I had brought the the fingerless gloves that I made for Perttu..oh, about a year ago. I finished sewing the gaps between the fingers the night before the concert and tucked them in my bag on the off chance that I would be able to give them to him. Unfortunately they were really pushing the line of people through very quickly and I only had moments to give him the gloves. I said his name and he said "Oooh", I said "I made you something, let's see if they fit." I held the glove out and he shoved his hand in. At that point the line was starting to move and I wasn't able to see the end result or to get a picture. The event coordinators were being really assy about pics anyway. You could only take them from the back of the room where there was a row of people in front of you blocking the band. least I was able to give the gloves to their intended recipient. They're coming to the Eagle Theater in Pontiac in July, if he didn't toss them out the bus window, I might be able to get a pic of them then. Mr. Larj says he's going to that one...hmmm.

On my list of things to work on? I am trying to do a little more color work knitting with the "fornicating deer" pattern on Rav. I think its hilarious. Spinning of course is always on my list, especially since I got a special delivery from the UPS man today of 12 pounds of roving from Zellinger's in Frankenmuth. Yes, the fleeces are processed and back in my possession. There's a LOT. I'm in shock. Still working on the "Seaweed" scarf. No rush there and the pattern is a no brainer.

Personal stuff, Harry is really in a downward spiral.
I got to meet his hospice nurse today and she was really great. Basically he's mostly bed bound, not really eating, having problems swallowing and in general really deteriorating. I went over there today, I managed to get him up in his wheelchair so that he could sit up and try to interact with Chief. He enjoyed sitting up and petting him. He sat up for about a half hour, then I put him back to bed. Of course Chief jumped in bed with him and proceeded to lay on him like a human pillow. Of course all through this whole thing, Maude is still bitching at him. I don't know what she's going to do once he's gone.

Upcoming events...Halestorm at the I-rock over fourth of July weekend and Apocalyptica at the Eagle theater in Ponitac on July 16th. Oh and if you're in the neighborhood, this upcoming weekend on June 12, weiner dog races at Fishbones in St. Claire Shores. Can't say that I've ever seen that before. ;-) Till we meet again, take care.


2paw said...

Glad to hear your soreness is slowly getting better. It is so annoying to be unable to do the things you like.
Wow!! You seem to get to see your favourite musicians quite often. Yo are very lucky and they are too- making mittens for someone. Very cool!!

Rudee said...

I've seen you spin, but can't say I've seen you knit. Knitting continental helps minimize movement and may help limit repetitive motion injury.

Back to your spinning...while you were at the register, I was admiring the yarn on your bobbin. You're a beautiful spinner.

Kristyn said...

Don't suffocate on the fiber!!

KnitterBunny said...

Oooh. Halestorm. Really like their latest CD. A LOT.

And, that is a shit ton of fiber. Gotta say.

Batty said...

Squished by fiber... that's the way to go! I find I can spin even when I can't knit because of ouchy tendons. And you spin beautiful yarn.

Sorry about Harry, these kinds of situations are so difficult.