Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I sprang forward...flat on my face...

Ok, I admit it, I stole that line from a FB pal but none the less, it rings true. It seems like the last few weeks have been soul sucking, but with some bright spots on the horizon. To begin with and I'm sure that I'm not alone here, the time change is kicking my ass. I can't seem to get out of bed in the morning. I think some of it has to do with the weather and the last vestiges of winter bluster hanging on. The snooze alarm is really getting a work out. Mr. Larj has been sick, this is making him incredibly cranky and difficult to be around. He's had some sort of upper respiratory crud that's just been hanging on and on. For me? The tendinitis is back with a vengeance. It was sort of in the waxing and waning mode over the winter,but for the last week or so it's been full on pain. So much so that I have actually started to take my own advice and limit my activities and use ice daily. (Ok...semi-daily). I ordered a nifty gadget from Theraband and I hope it helps. I'm starting with rest, ice and stretching then I'll start with some mild strengthening. I've managed to get the shoulder tendinitis under control, hopefully I can do the same with my elbows.

Which brings us to knitting. Something, along with my spinning that I've had to severely limit lately. I completed and blocked the "branching out" scarf. I really love the way it turned out and the color...fab. It's my first entirely hand spun (wheel) and hand dyed project. The pattern was really easy to work and would be a really great first time lace project. By the way, it's dyed with Kool-aid. It was not easy to get that intense purple color but with a little tweaking and adding of this and that to the dye pot, I was very satisfied with the end result.

I also plied all of the hand dyed roving and managed to get 488 yards out of it. After seeing Choley's Citron shawlette, I knew I had found the perfect pattern. I expect to run across some pooling in the finished result but I don't mind pooling, I think it adds interest.

Last on my list of recent FO's is the Merci' scarf mad
e from my very FIRST hand spun on the spindle wool. When I completed it, I wasn't sure if I could get anything usable out of it but with a little tweaking here and there and some brutal blocking of a pretty gnarly single, I managed to eke out 80 yards of thick and thin. I also dyed this with Kool-aid, orange with a little green to tone it down. It's a little on the short side but I can still manage to work it in to a wearable piece.

Now, why would I be updating my blog on a Tuesday in the middle of the day? Well when I went out to start my car this morning all I got was a RrrrRrrrRrrrr sound and it wouldn't turn over. So no work for me today. I had to call in. The only bummer is that with the pain issue, I can't work on projects like I would like to. Bitch Bitch Bitch!! Do I have anything good to say? Well I am going to Rock on the Range in Columbus in May and of course...Apocalyptica is playing. . I can't do the festivals in Europe this year so, I have to settle for Columbus. It should be fun though even though I'm flying solo as usual. Apocalyptica is also playing a gig in Pontiac the weekend after R on the R. Planning on getting tickets for that as well. Also coming up is the knitting and spinning weekend in Lexington at the end of April. Should be a good time and hopefully I'll be on the mend at that point. Well enough wordiness from me. Hope everyone is healthy....until next time.


Kelli said...

That purple scarf is lovely.

Camping Jason said...

Love the orange scarf!

Kristyn said...

Love the color of your Branching Out. I'm a huge purple girl.

Batty said...

Wanna borrow my cats? They go off at 6 am, every morning, time change or no. I don't know how they know...

Your BO is beautiful, and Citron is in my queue. I have some laceweight cashmere in a pale blue. Can't wait to get started.

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