Sunday, June 21, 2009


The Revontuli shawl is finished. I liked the pattern, still not sure if I did my right and left decreases in the right spot. The pattern had me a little thrown off on account of the chart only going to half of the shawl. I was initially totally lost but thanks to a helpful Raveller, I was able to figure it out and continue on only slightly lost. As it is I have really terrible right and left discrimination.

Now...what to cast on next. I have designs on starting and finshing the "Indigo Ripples" skirt (in black) before my BD in August. Of course there is the never ending queue of socks. I really don't feel satisfied unless I have something lace going. I think I have an addiction.

Since, I've been on here last, my sister and friend Cyndi have come and gone for their summer visits. I had a lot of fun with both of them. Gus is planning another trip here in October around Halloween. So now life is somewhat back to normal. There have been a few changes on my job. I have been indifinitely moved to a different unit at the hospital, inpatient rehab. Anyone who knows me in RL knows that IPR as it's known is one of my least favorite units to work on. The problem is that Medicare requires "medical nesessity" for someone to be on the unit. Bascially this means that they have to be sick enough to need access to a physician 24/7. However when someone is that ill, it's a little unrealistic to expect them to perform 3 (required by Medicare) hours of therapy a day. Consequently, I feel like I am torturing most of my patient by dragging them through treatment. There are some that really benefit and progress nicely, but it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Other goings on, Mr. Larj has been pretty steady with his fill in position. He was bitching the other day about having to work the weekend and I had to gently remind him about the state of the economy here in Michigan.

Well summer looks to be here so it looks like knitting on the patio is in full swing, hope to have more updates and FO's coming up.

Everyone have a great week!!


Bea said...

This is really gorgeous. Sorry about the new unit. I'd feel the same as you.

Knittinreed said...

I echo Bea - simply gorgeous!!! Maybe after a while you can move to a different unit? Sorry you have to work in a situation you do not care for. Glad Mr. Larj has had steady work.
Hang in there. Maybe adult beverages while knitting on the porch are in order?

sharon said...

Strikingly beautiful!

Karen said...

IPR isn't so bad. You have to admit that there is never a dull moment!

Kat said...

OMG that's gorgeous! I love it!