Sunday, May 04, 2008


Well...I waited 3 years for this band to come around and I finally got to see them on Tuesday. At the Crofoot in Pontiac. The show was incredible and the guys rocked their asses off. Of course I stalked the tour bus afterwards and got autographs and hugs from a few of the band members. They hooked up with Toryn Green from the band Fuel to do vocals on a few of their songs. He did a really great job and is a really nice and down to earth guy.

Here's one of my vids from the show of the guys doing a cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters", there's a few more on my You Tube page.

I also got some fair shots as far as photos, it was really hard because they are always in motion!

I got a really good shot of Perttu's broken index finger. The last time he toured he broke the same one on the other hand! Yes, He played cello with a broken finger! Now that's hard core.

Here's Mikko the drummer giving me a peace out as he was getting ready to get on the bus.

It was a really great time and I'm so glad that I finally got to see one of my favorite bands in such a small setting and got to meet a few of them as well. I guess two of the band members Eicca and Antero took a different bus.

The only problem with going to an event that's been building and building is that when it happens and it finally is over with it's back to life as usual .... uninspiring and stagnant. I do believe that I am in a full blown funk.

I'm hoping it'll pass though there's things going on in my personal life that are making it difficult to be very positive at the moment. One positive is that Mom Larj somehow passed her drivers exam this year so I am off the hook as far as becoming a chauffeur. Whew! Other than that it's the same old same old. Still working on the same stuff etc. Haven't started anything new though the Zombie socks are tempting me.

Everyone have a great week.


Shorty said...

Rock On Mrs. Marj!!! So glad you had a great time.

I'm stalking those Zombie socks too. I may actually cast on a pair this week.

2paw said...

I have never heard music like that, they are very skilled, especially playing whilst tossing their hair!! Very exciting for you to meet them!!
Hope your boogelly things resolve themselves soon. Life's too short!!!

Lil Knitter said...

Okay, so I usually just lurking around but I had to come out of lurkdom to day OMG! Thse guys are freaking awesome. I have heard their name but not their music. Unbelievable!! I'm gotta get this!
Thanks for sharing!


Batty said...

I love Apocalyptica! I'm so jealous you got to go, what an amazingly good time!

Knittinreed said...

OMG!!!! How cool!

Garrett G said...

Thanks for commenting about Apocalyptica - the world's most profound group of cellists. I am extremely envious of your experience, but nonetheless I have still seen a few great shows so far in my life. I linked to your blog from mine!

danielle said...

don't funk! unfunk yourself. where did that chocolate cake go? surely you can't funk around the house when there's cake in the world.

amanda j said...

They sure are cool! I was wondering if they ever poke themselves in the eye with their bows!!

Since I am decidedly unfunky, I will send some vibes your way.

Hasbu said...

Great, you finally got to see them! It's been ages since I've seen them live, seems like they have no time for touring in Finland any more... :) Have a great week!

Chris said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! That's so awesome that you got to meet them. Consider me jealous. Apocalyptica rocks my socks!

And speaking of socks, I support anything with zombie in the name.