Monday, February 04, 2008


Here's my mom's neighbor, Kay, modeling her mobeius cowl.

She loved it and said that she had a name for it..................Simon. Simon Cowl....(groan). She's a super lady so I'll forgive the pun. She said that even though it's wool it didn't itch. ;-)

Took my Mom Larj out for a bite tonight. We went to the Red Robin. I had heard that they would substitute real meat for a Boca Burger on any of their burgers and they DO!! Yeah for me! It was delicious.

Off to doctor my arm and get a little knitting in.


Diane said...

Love the name . . . Simon Cowl, lol!

AR said...

Hehe, what a funny lady. That is a very cute knit, and so nice!

Hasbu said...

Heh, Simon Cowl. :) It turned out very cute!

amanda j said...

That is one impressive bruise! You are in the wars lately!

Knittinreed said...

I love it! Kay has a sense of humor like my mom.... Your mom and dad are lucky to have such a great neighbeor.

Mr. Greenjeans is looking *very* good! I don't see whay you can't knit the sleeves on 2 circs.

Jeez - Marj - that is some bruise! I cannot even to begin how your arm must feel. What did the Doc say?

re: your comments on my blog - yes, life does throw us some interesting coincidences ;-)