Friday, February 22, 2008


Fill in the expletive of your choice...I did. I screwed up, in a big way. I finished the bottom part of the cable ribbing on Mr. Greenjeans, cast off and tried it on. Hmmmm..........seems to be pulling apart pretty badly in the front. What's the deal? I went to Ravelry to try and see how other cardi's were fitting. Well...they seemed to be fitting fine....hey...wait a minute. The other cardi's had another column of knit stitches between the cables. Mine did not. I checked the pattern and sure enough, I did it WRONG. So, it looks like I will be frogging 12.5 inches of cable rib pattern and throwing over 2 weeks of knit time down the drain. This really sucks.

Speaking of ultimate suck, I have been pulled to work inpatient rehab for the last two days and tomorrow. You've heard of the milk of human kindness? Today I felt like the human Milk of Magnesia...every single one of my patients had to poo, without exception. It's quite an ordeal when you're dealing with wheelchairs, walkers, IV lines, catheters and oxygen tanks all while trying to safely maneuver someone who is debilitated on to a toilet...safely. Also not too bad if you have one patient at a time but I usually have two at a time on rehab. All I can think of is the Amy Winehouse song every time I am pulled to work there. Sorry to blah blah blah about my work so much lately but it's been a little stressful.

That will all get rubbed out of me tomorrow. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow after work. Can't wait!! Thanks to Dora for hooking me up with a quality masseuse.

Everyone have a great weekend.


Bea said...

Sorry about the knitting and tough work assignment. The massage sounds fun though!

Anonymous said...

Aiyee! That's heartbreaking. :( Here's to lots of knitting time to get it fixed.

Batty said...

Wow, that sucks. I'm sorry you have to frog. Have a glass of red wine or some hot chocolate with a shot of booze. It helps.

Lifting people with medical equipment hanging off of them is no fun. My sister is a physical therapist, and I hear about this all the time.

Amanda said...

You have the paitience of a saint to deal with all that poo. They are lucky to have ya. Your job is one of those jobs that are a necessity. Bless your heart for doing it.

Sorry to hear about your cardi. I hope your massage really sets your mood at ease when it comes time to Frog.

schrodinger said...

What a sucky day for you having to deal with all that sh*t! Good luck with ripping and restarting, and here's to the next day at work being poo-less.

Claire said...

I really like reading your blogs. You seem to be one of those people who work to live not who live to work. You thrive on your crafts and work is a means to an end. It is so refreshing to find someone who provides for their enjoyment...even if it does mean managing poo or un-knitting or whatever you do when youv'e gone wrong!
i know nothing about knitting but I read your blogs for the human-ness and the humor.

Kat said...

Wow, shitty that you have to rip back so damn much, I totally feel for you in a major way! And wow, more shit at work, girl, I'm impressed. Someone who does a job that not many could handle, a stellar knitter and a fellow tattoo junkie! You are totally my kind of person!

So what day are you going to the Expo? We're going Saturday, we'll probably be there around 3. I'm hoping to leave here about 1, pick up the viking and head down there. I hope we run into each other, that would awesome. ((hugs))

lobstah said...

Ugh, sorry. I have been on the same track as you. Everything has to be reknit 2 or 3 times, mostly due to gauge issues.
This too shall pass, right?

Knittinreed said...

Sorry you had such a poopy day. I hope your massage takes all that away.

Also - what a drag about Mr. Greenjeans. At least you caught it before attaching the button band!!!

I hope your weekend was better than your last 3 work days. Hang in there -

Hasbu said...

Human Milk of Magnesia, huh? Sorry about your very poopy day. Too bad about Mr. Greenjeans, but I'm looking forward to seeing some finished pictures soon!

zippiknits said...

You are very kind. This is not something that all hospitals even do, the stick them in diapers. It's so degrading for a human.

Thank you for your kindness, Marg.

Having to frog that much back and those little bitty cables.. Yes, strong wine, like a fortified Port and some great dark sweet chocolate is called for. ((Hugs))