Sunday, January 27, 2008

And the Winners Are.......................

Drum roll please....

The winners of my first blog contest as chosen by Mr. Larj from the singing bowl are...




Thanks to everyone who signed up!! This was fun! I have a feeling I'll be doing more of these in the future and I hope that some of the new posters continue to drop in ;-)

On to knitting, I am making progress on Mr. Greenjeans. Of course not as quickly as I would like but I have had a few issues with my wrists and elbows this week. When I was working on jewelry last weekend, I did a lot of polishing at my buffing wheel and didn't wear my wrist supports. Unfortunately I've been paying for it all week so I have had to limit myself to about an hour of knitting daily. I think it's starting to look like a garment anyways which makes me happy, hopefully one that fits.

I also finished the cable eyelet socks. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. I like way the yarn feels on my feet but the true test will be in the wash.

Life in general? It looks like Chief came through his gastro-intestinal experiment unscathed. He doesn't seem to have suffered any ill effects and his appetite is JUST fine.

Today is my dad's 85th birthday. He was born prematurely in 1923. He only weighed in at about 3 and a half pounds. There weren't any incubators then so they would put him in a basket on the open oven door so that the pilot light could keep him warm. He was a Marine during WWII and was there for the invasion of Iwo Jima. He worked primarily as a truck driver. Came through lung cancer and several bouts of CHF. Every time we thought "this is it" he managed to bounce back. I believe the key to his longevity is his laid back attitude. I hope I've inherited some of his better qualities.

Everyone have a great week!!


AR said...

Yay! Thanks!

Your knitting is lovely, too bad you have to do so little a day. I love the colors of your sock.

My Grandma was born early in 1902, and they did the same thing to her. They really didn't think she'd make it, since babies so small usually didn't back then, but she lived until she was 82.

Happy Birthday to your dad!!

Shorty said...

Love your socks. They came out great.

Happy B-Day Poppa Marj!

Diane said...

Your sweater is coming along great! I've had the sore wrist thing lately, ughhh, it's so hard to stay away from knitting. I just don't work on little things in the round when they hurt.

Happy birthday to Dad!

2paw said...

Glad Chief is OK, you just never know!! Love Mr Larj's guest role today!!!! Love the socks and Mr Greenjeans. Hope your hands and wrists are feeling better soon.
Oh Happy Birthday to your Dad. I think a laid back attutude really helps. My great grandmother lived to be almost 104!!! She was very laid back: especially about presents. She liked to redistribute them amongst her family. I got lots of books with lovely messages To HER written in them!!!!

Bea said...

YaY I'm a winner! Thank you! Um the singing bowl?? Thats very very cool.

Happy birthday to your dad. He sounds like a man that would be interesting to talk to.

I have to say Mr Greenjeans is looking really really good. I hope it fits because I think it will be a great sweater when your finished. And the socks are pretty too!

Hasbu said...

Mr. Greenjeans looks great! I must have said this a zillion times but the color is fab! Pretty socks, too. I haven't knitted any socks lately, must find a pair I was working on last summer and finish it.

Happy B-day to your dad!

Oh, and I hope your hands and wrists will be feeling better soon.

amanda j said...

What gorgeous socks! And Mr Greenjeans is on my list of cardigans to knit.

My grandfather was born prem too. It's amazing how some people got through way back when without medical intervention.

Tina said...

I love the socks. With all the socks you knit you must have a pair for every day of the year, and then some.

Impossible Princess said...

there isnt a deadline but the sooner I get them the beter casue the ride is in june and who knows how long it might take to get there doantion

schrodinger said...

Your Dad's story is amazing! Happy birthday to him.