Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look What WE Got!!!

Snow.........buttloads of snow. It sure is pretty isn't it? I'm sure Mr. Larj doesn't think so. LOL I'm sure he'll be taking the snow blower out pretty soon.

This is my huge pine tree in the front yard covered with snow. I love this tree, it's home to so many birds and squirrels.

In knitting news I finally broke down and started Mr. Greenjeans (drum roll please). I am hoping for a better outcome than my first attempt at a garment this summer.
I also translated my first pattern from German to English. I don't speak German at all. I ran the body of the pattern through the Google Translator and then found most of the German to English knitting terms online and with a little help from the "Excuse Me" Ravelry group, it was completely translated! Granted it was a simple hat pattern and not a complicated lace pattern but made me feel a little smart!

Hope everyone is having a stress free lead in to the holidays. Our plan is to get our tree today...if we can get out of the driveway that is!

Everyone have a great week!


Diane said...

Good luck on the sweater!

Yeah the snow is pretty, but it can all go away after Christmas. I was very lucky, my neighbors used their snowblower and did all my walkways and driveway for me!

schrodinger said...

Yay for snow!! All we got today was a Nor'easter with slushy rain eurgh! Good luck with greenjeans.

Batty said...

I like snow when I'm indoors. But it's not so much fun when you're out and about, inside is much better.

Scattered Gemini said...

Doggon it, all we've had is a buttload of rain. :(

Next Winter, there better be a buttload of snow in NW Indiana, because we'll be back!

Khadijha Caitlin said...

I love the snow but it can be vexing.
I have two knitting books in German and I now have hope that I may someday understand it!

Knittinreed said...

The snow looks beautiful. But I know what you mean - Mr. Larj is not going to be such a happy camper.

Glad to see you started Mr. GJ. I've got my Mom's well underway - cabling the body tonight. I did not go down the recommended needle size for the body but will on the sleeves. I will be interested to see your progress....

Hmmmm - translating patterns! You go girl!

Our tree is up but naked.

Mary, Mary... said...

I'll trade ya our 70 degree weather for some of that snow! good luck with greenjeans--I love the color.

Dipsy Doodle said...

Oh hon, you should have told me - I would have been glad to translate that pattern for you! Okay, so if you run into any problems whatsoever with it, just give me a holler - you know my email address, don't you?
I can't believe what a load of snow you got - gosh, that's more than we got all winter long! Do stay warm, will you?

amanda j said...

Snow! I have only seen snow a couple of times in MY WHOLE LIFE! It seems so exotic to me. The weather is just getting warmer and warmer here.

Have a happy holiday season!

Jerry said...

You have beautiful's warming up here and melting-can you send some of the white stuff please?

Love that shade of yarn-that would make nice mittens :)

Order some Wollmeise yarn, there's a large sheet of German-English translation. Someday I will learn to speak German

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas Marj!!!!