Saturday, September 01, 2007

Summer Faster than Others

A new month, another year older. My birthday was kind of weird this year. Of course you know that Mr. Larj had to work. I'm pretty sure he is at home at least a few hours a day, usually I find evidence like dishes in the sink or his keys on the counter. He did come through in the prezzie dept. I now own an iPod shuffle. I just have to figure out all of the in's and out's of getting my music transferred on to it. My only gripe with Apple is that their instructions assume that you already have a working knowledge of their product. I also received volumes one and two of Barbara Walker's stitch dictionaries and an Apocalyptica CD. I also have Cat Bordi's new sock book on the way along with a CD from The Diablo Swing Orchestra. Thanks to Amazon wish lists Mr. Larj never has to second guess what I might want gift-wise. Mom Larj gave me a lovely card with some $. I also received cards from two of my nieces and my ex-mother in law. At work my friends Beth and Bill and Lynn took me out to lunch (Thai food), and gave me some tea and a cool card. Beth also hinted that there are more prezzies to come. Something knitting related I suspect! Michelle gave me a pint of Makers Mark bourbon! Which as Amby could tell you, is the good stuff. The pic above is of a large spider that has made his fall home in my patio shrubs.

As for knitting, the "deadlines" that I set for myself regarding the completion of my "Cream Tea" have come and gone, my new deadline is to have it done by Knitterpalooza in Lansing. The front is half finished. My diversions from completion are my ribbed scarf for the Red Scarf Project, which I am making in (gasp!) acrylic! I figure a boy going off to college is not going to hand wash, gently squeeze lay flat to dry, an intricate wool scarf. Boys (and probably most college girls) want ease of wear. So...basic k2, p2 rib in acrylic it is. I am also crocheting a "utility" stole for myself out of (double gasp!) acrylic, Caron's Simply Soft.

I completed my "at work" socks in Opal. How's that for a L-A-Z-Y photo. Nope, not even going to take the time to model them for you. I don't block my socks, I could never come up with a good reason to do so. I figure my feet will do the job once I wear them.

As for the Holiday weekend I have to work tomorrow and have Monday off. I was quite domestic around the house today, I made a huge batch of eggplant Parmesan. It was heavenly, and I had plenty left over to freeze. I managed to dust, vacuum and mop everything. The secret to my motivation? Turkish coffee. The metro Detroit area has a very large Middle Eastern population and Middle Eastern restaurants are practically on every corner. This is where I discovered Turkish coffee. My sister and I usually have some before power shopping. I learned how to make it from Michael "the olive guy" at the Eastern Market. Now I can have my fix any time. It's my latest vice.

Hope you all have a good and safe Labor Day weekend.


amanda j said...

That spider is absolutely horrific! I thought we had bad spiders in Oz!

You knit with that acrylic. Negaters and nay-sayers can go to hell. I'm over them!!

Amy said...

Creepy spiders, nice socks! I'm looking forward to seeing your top when it's finished, so get crackin' lady!
Oddly I did housework today too (sans Turkish coffee, I'm afraid, though I think it would come in handy!!)
See you Tuesday??

Nora said...

Glad to hear you had a nice birthday... and I agree with Amanda - we DO have horrendous spiders down here, but that one takes the cake!

PS: I don't block my socks either.


Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

I'm not a spider fan, but that is a way cool pic of one. Blocking socks is like knitting a gauge swatch for a scarf.

Amby said...

Awww damn, now I've got to go find some of my own Maker's Mark after that spider picture! Who cares if it's only 10am, I've got the shakes!

Happy Birthday!!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!

KnitterBunny said...

Happy Birthday! And seriously great presents!

I use sock blockers after I wash my socks the first time, they dry really fast on the blockers. I don't use them to "block" my socks though.

Oh, and good recipe for eggplant parmesan? I would love to have one. :)

Shorty said...

Happy Be-lated birthday! Sorry I missed it. Sorry I've been MIA last few weeks. Hopefully will see you Tuesday.

Hasbu said...

Happy birthday! Some great presents there!

That spider is creepy.

Dipsy Doodle said...

Happy, happy belated birthday to you - may all your dreams and wishes come true in this new year of yours!
Wow, you certainly scored big time with your birthday pressies! How do you like the Apocalpytica-CD? I just adore the sound of these guys, and considering the fact that on their new album they have a track on which my beloved Rammstein-singer sings the cover-tune of Bowie's "Heroes", well, this made them even more special to me! Yay for Apocalyptica, they rock big time!!!
Your top is coming along so nicely - no matter how long it'll take you to finish it, it's gonna be worth it as it's going to look adorable on you! And I love the socks, awesome colorway! As for the spider - not so much, this pic sure gave me the creeps! Argh!

schrodinger said...

Hope you figure out that shuffle - you're going to love having your music so easily accessible. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you did good :)

Love that spider picture - great detail.

Batty said...

Happy Birthday!

I like the spider, it's fuzzy. I looove Apocalyptica. And those socks look fab.

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Turkish Coffee.......SOOOOOOO

Mary, Mary... said...

I like the spider, I always name ours Carlotta. Hmmm, I'm really liking the (red)cream tea. Very nice. Happy Birthday--I toast you with Gentleman Jack!

Knittinreed said...

Happy Belated! It sounds like it was a goooooooooooood one. Great spider. Glad he is at your house and not mine :-)

I like Caron Simply Soft; it is a really nice acrylic. And your scarf looks fab.

I block my socks when they go on my feet.

AR said...

That spider freaked me out!
I love your socks. Turkish coffee, huh? I should look into that, since I need some energy!