Monday, September 17, 2007


This may be my longest post ever so, fair warning. This is probably because I don't get out much and when I do, it's a big deal. Knitterpalooza was FAB!! A really great time with a great group. My first stop was Threadbear. This place is worth the trip! A little hard to find though. It's tucked in the back corner of a little strip mall. I did some serious damage there along with some gifting for fellow knitters. Then off to Rae's where I managed to do even more damage in the sock yarn department. Sock yarn doesn't really count as stash does it?

Then it was off to Kristi's place for food, fun and knitting. Amanda is showing of a lovely chocolate brown shawl that she recently finished. Nice work!! Kelli is tempting me with her drop spindle spinning technique. She makes it look so easy. Again thanks to Kristi for stepping up and making it an event to remember also special kudos for having Boca Burgers!

This was my total haul for the day. Some of it is for my personal stash and some is for gifties. I found this wonderfully SOFT sock yarn at Threadbear made by Twisted Fiber Art. It's amazingly soft and self patterns. Can't wait to try it out.

My plan for the weekend was to stay at my brother's place after leaving Kristi's. It's an hour and a half drive to the Lansing area from Detroit so I figured since Bill lived in the area I would impose upon him for a place to sleep over. What I didn't realize is that he only lives about 20 minutes from Kristi! How convenient. I roped my niece in to going to Meijer for a couple of bottles of wine then we all sat around yakking until it was time to turn in.

Me with my brother and my niece.

When I opened my overnight bag, my brother's dog made an immediate bee line for my felted clogs. We had to create a diversion in order for her to give it up quietly. Even Cinder knows good hand knits!

The next day we went to the St. John's cider mill for a few hours. We of course got to see the cider being made. I picked up some goodies, a four berry pie and some pecan crusted banana bread, also some bacon cheese bread for my husband who is a big fan of "pigs ass". This pic is of the cider making machine. You can see the pulp sliding down the chute. My brother says that they use it as cattle feed.

While we were at the cider mill I saw this guy walking around with his little Dachshund dog. I also happened to notice that he has a tattoo of a Dachshund on his leg with "HOT DOG" written underneath. Of course I had to get a pic along with part of his dog's head. I have to get cracking on my artwork for my next tat which is scheduled for this Thursday. Can't wait!

As for knitting news, I am finishing up some baby socks for a girl at work that is ready to pop any second. Despite what I considered to be a less than stellar experience with garment making, I am contemplating this from the fall issue of Knitty. I have some Berocco Ultra Alpaca in my stash that just might work. It calls for 840 yards total and the four skeins of Ultra Alpaca work out to 860. The only question is how it would work out as a yarn substitution. I think ok, but is all worsted weight created equal?

Angela thanks for the yummy apples I am eating one right now! Delsh!! Well I've got the next 2 days off!! So back to work on Wednesday for me. Everyone have a great week!!


Dana said...

Hey missy! Great to see you again! Any idea how soon I could get those earrings from you?? Let me know when you have a timeline, send me an e-mail, k?


schrodinger said...

Sounds like much fun was had by all. As for the spinning - go onnnn, you know you wanna.

AR said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like fun!

Kristyn said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you on Saturday. To many knitters to little time!

Shorty said...

I'm so glad you made it. I didn't get to see what you bought, looks like you got some great yarn.

Also, thanks for my birthday present. I think I'm going to cast it on this weekend. And maybe even finish them.

Hopefully I'll see you Tuesday.

Kel said...

It was great to see you again even though we didn't get to hang out. But hello! If you've got family only 20 minutes from Kristi, that means you have more reasons to head up to Lansing to stop and knit at ThreadBear. :)

And yes, I'm a HUGE boyband fan. :) hehe... Mostly Backstreet, but I pretty much love them all.

amanda j said...

Great haul!! Well done.

Gosh, your neice looks just like you!

Make sure you post a pic of your new tattoo! I am contemplating one . . . as always!

2paw said...

Wow, what a great time and you look fantastic!! All dogs like shoes. I found my dog walking shoes, both of them, in the garage this morning!! Maybe a hint?? I am sure Cinder didn't need that diversion at all!!!

Dipsy Doodle said...

Wow! What an absolutely awesome time it seems you've had! My gosh, I'd so love to join such a thing too one day, but I'm afraid we'll never have that in Austria - duh ;((( Anyways, I so enjoyed reading through your story and watching all those pics - yep, I'm jealous indeed ;)

Knittinreed said...

What a great event! Looks like you had a great time - and got a great haul.
You and your niece look definitely like family. Glad you were able to divert Cinder away from your clogs. I also like Greenjeans... let me know what yarn you decide on...

Enjoy your days off.

Scattered Gemini said...

I recently got a kit that i ordered from Threadbear. I've neer been there in person, but hear that it's FAB!

Wahhhhh, i tried to open the pic of all the knitters and it wouldn't work. :(