Monday, June 18, 2007

A Slow Start to Summer

Oy, it's not the heat it's the humidity. Whatever it is it's causing my to have a terminal case of drag-ass. My motivation is at an all time low for all things. As usual house cleaning is at the bottom of my list but that never really changes.

In any event I did manage to finish another pair of Cascade sock with a baby cable design on the cuff. Just love these and they're a pretty quick knit on size 4 needles. My thumb tendinitis is still hanging around ever so slightly but enough to slow down my knitting. Perhaps I'll ice it again tonight.

The former dining room now library now has furniture! Personally I LOVE the way it looks and it'll be a lot more functional than that horrid "Early Reagan" style table and chairs that we had for almost 12 years.

Of course due to lack of motivation I have yet to put all of my papers and books in to the cabinets and shelves yet. Mr. Larj has surpassed me in that task.

Mr. Larj and I have some vacation time coming in a couple of weeks so the plan is to achieve a more organized house and start throwing crap out. I dream of sleeping more soundly at night with all of my clutter being magically whisked away at the curb some fine Monday morning.

I'm about to take the boy for a walk now that it's a little more tolerable outside. Hope you are all staying cool.


2paw said...

I dream of that too!! But the Library looks lovely. All you need now is one of those special slidy ladders and a green leather studded couch. And a butler with drinks!!!!


Oooh, yeah! The butler sounds good. :)


Batty said...

Many thumb healing thoughts coming your way! That tendon sucks because you end up exerting it no matter what you do. Mine is also still a little sore, but not enough to keep me from knitting.

The socks are cute, and I love the way your library came out! Those shelves make the room look so cozy and home-y.

amanda j said...

Keeping cool! I'll say. It was -3C here last night!

My Spunk seems to be motivating himself to declutter a bit while I am at work at the moment. He still has 4 weeks off! Hmph!

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Love the library! Much better then a table any day!

AR said...

Ooh, I'm jealous of your library! I have a case of drag ass, too, but I think it's incurable!

I think a maid might be my cure. Hehe

schrodinger said...

Cute socks!! Love the library too, it looks like a tranquil place to read/study.