Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seeing Red

No I'm not feeling I started this lovely and free pattern for a wide scarf or a narrow wrap using Lamb's Pride in a lovely deep red color. It shows a little brighter in the photo.

The kitchen is coming along, most of the cabinets are painted and next it'll be the walls and replacing the trim. There is a lot to do and it takes a while given the fact that Aaron is working weekends and nights to complete the job.

Nothing else significant here other than the fact that Mr. Larj has his first weekend off in more than a month. He works as a printing press operator at a fairly large shop and puts in 12 hours a day +. He along with his co-pressman, put up a united front and said that they were not going to work this weekend since they were both at their limit of endurance. Hopefully he can get some rest and re-charge his batteries.
That's a good goal for a weekend.


2paw said...

The scarf is gorgeous, a very cheery colour and nice pattern too. Hope Mr Larj has a good rest from his Dickensian hours!!! Hope you achieve your goals!!!

Shorty said...

Your scarf is too gorgeous for words. The red is a wonderful choice.

I hope Mr. Larj gets some much needed rest.

See you Tuesday.


schrodinger said...

The scarf is looking great.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend with Mr. Larj.

Cathy said...

Great scarf! Enjoy your weekend with "Mr. Larj"!

Knittinreed said...

Hi LJ- thanks for your kind comments. As for where to begin - try this link:

You can see what composers you like and we'll go from there.

Beautiful scarf! I love the red.
I hope Mr. Larj got recharged this weekend.


Beautiful pattern and colour.

Batty said...

Beautiful scarf! And the pattern is free, I can hardly believe it! I've been looking for a lace project for a red stole I can wear for Christmas parties to liven up my otherwise funereal garb, but a scarf like that would work even better. Lovely work!

Home Mr. Larj got some rest over the weekend.

AR said...

That looks great. Neat pattern.

Hahah, it's a good thing that I know not to be drinking anything when I click pic. links on your blog.

knitwhit said...

That scarf is stunning! How beautiful!