Monday, September 18, 2006

How to use Yarn to Ruin your Weekend

Step 1: Don't ask for help

Knowing from experience that this is a two man job allow those feelings of pity for your hard working DH to override common sense as he steps out to go to his friends house to watch football. "He works hard just let him go and play".

Step 2: Over estimate your abilities

Sure, you can do this yourself. Just because it wadded up in to a wooly quagmire the last time doesn't mean it's going to happen again.

Step 3: Panic

When things do start to go wrong.. why stop? You've gotten this far. I'm sure the yarn fairies will sprinkle their magic all over this situation and set it right.

Step 4: Completely loose it

That's right! No fairies here! So make sure and rip it off that evil ball winder, throw the stinking mess on the floor and scream out every expletive that you know or feel free to make some up. Why lose the creativity that has served you so well at this point?

Step 5: Wallow in self pity

Last but not least, feel free to wallow in the self pity that you worked for and earned. If you can try to place a little blame on the DH for leaving in you a lurch you get bonus points for effective use of defense mechanisms.

Yes, this was to be the start of my first KAL, the Day of the Dead KAL. Appropriately enough I felt like death warmed over after 18 (yes) hours of detangling hell. I even called my boss begging for a "mental health day" which she graciously gave to me with no questions asked. She must have detected my recent break with reality in the tone of my voice. My eventual project is intended to be the Kevat Shawl, which I have detailed on the Day of the Dead KAL, blog. So remember these five points when you're a little bored on the weekend and want to spice things up!


alliesw said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Glad your boss was understanding; hope you got to do some knitting eventually!

Shorty said...

Been There! Done That! More than once. I feel for us all, when we let ourselves get into these situations.


Amby said...

Hee hee, and if you're me, Step 6 is mix up a nice tall cocktail and keep drinking until the whole situation seems somewhat funny!

I have the same yarn, I tried to make a shawl and gave up on it. :-)

AR said...

I've done the same things! I'll probably do it again, too. Pretty shawl, though!

Dana said...

I have the same brand of yarn, except it's 100% silk. It's destined to be the Peacock shawl, but I have to frog back to the last chart, since yo's and silk are hard to tink. My daughter just went thru the whole tangled thing too, as she was trying to finish a sock. Huge mess, but she finally got it sorted out.

I'm with Amby, cocktails always make it better, or at least so you don't much!

Knittinreed said...

Ouch! As others have said - cocktails sound like a good idea to ease the pain.

One good thing - when you rewind, you will have a pretty little ball all ready for your next attempt.

signed Minnie Mouse

Sharon said...

I had some lovely alpaca once that met the same fate but worse the little tanty that followed involved the 'yarn mess' being chucked into the fire :(

Cocktails would have definately eased the situation I am sure.

Amy said...

step 6 should be start over again! Isn't that what us knitters always seem to do

GaiaGal said...

Oh my! 18 hours?!! I'd have kidnapped a neighborhood kid by then and paid them $10 to help or something.

I'm fortunate, Deb's niece comes down to visit frequently enough and she's very kind and always asks if i have any yarn that needs to be wound...she holds it and i wind.

However, i have indeed been where you were at. I must give you HUGE kudos on your persistance!! You ROCK!!


Anonymous said...

The next time you have a problem with a tangled mess, just hand it over to your mom and have her call me! It's good therapy for me, and it takes my mind off of all my troubles! By now you know who I am, so need I say more?