Sunday, March 12, 2006


I wonder if there's a recovery program for scarfaholics? After all these years of knitting I think that it's still my favorite thing to make, next would be socks. I finally finished my Irish Hiking scarf. What an awesome pattern and easy to do. Of course I needed a proper model to show off the color. My boy loves to be my model but, he thinks that knitting is boring and wishes I'd spend more time paying attention to him I'm sure.

Next on my list is the Fuchsia Lace scarf by Fiber Trends. I am going to do the single vine pattern, I think its a little less busy. I have some lovely heathered plum yarn in a DK weight

What I really should be making are some cotton socks for summer. Cascade fixation is really fantastic yarn for "shortie" summer socks. The weight of the yarn makes them knit up pretty fast too.

Right now I am also dealing with trying to get rid of some bilateral shoulder tendonitis that I've been struggling with over the last month. I should really follow my own advice when it comes to taking care of pain and injuries.
I'll still be knitting along but I may have to work at a little slower pace than I would like. Thanks to everyone who's been leaving commments on my blog, your feedback has been great!!

I ran in to this picture on one of the news services today about this new species of lobster that was found off of Easter island. Personally...I thought that It looked like he was wearing a shrug. :-)


Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Yikes, is that creature wearing a shrug in fun fur????!!!! I love the pic of your kid in the scarf - would you like it in my pet wearing handknit gallery???? Take care of that shoulder!

GaiaGal said...

Wait a minute here! How can your child be looking so bored with your lovely hiking scarf? Some kids, i tell ya!!


Kirsti said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous scarf, and I can imagine that healthered plum yarn looking amazing as a lace scarf. You're an inspiration - I always get fed up and bored about 1/3 of the way through any scarf...

alliesw said...

Gosh, love your scarves! My dog will be jealous. Thanks for stopping by allieknits; I'll be back to see more!

Heide said...

That is one creepy looking crustacian! No amount of lemon and butter could render it appetizing. I hope that your sister is doing well with her Copaxone and other meds. Thank you for visiting my blog. The scarves are wonderful and you certainly are prolific with them!