Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mosaic Scarf is finished! On to the next wip....

As you can see the mosaic scarf is finished!!
I have been wearing it all week to rave reviews. It's a little long but as you can see there is extra to get creative with draping.

Now on to the next wip's; I have two in the making, an Irish Hiking Scarf using Patons classic wool for Mr. Larj. A little prezzie for Valentines day, I think that I can finish it by then. The other is another "So called scarf" out of Freedom wool by Tilleys. Just LLLllllove those earthy colors. That of course is for yours truly.

I also just received two of my eBay purchases; one skein of pink sari silk yarn. I'm thinking that I'll do the Faux Lace scarf with the crisscross drop stitch. The other is a hand dyed silk that is sooo soft and beautiful! It's about 270 yards. I'm thinking perhaps a mini Clapotis? What do you think?

I'm awaiting more yarn and more books via eBay and Amazon. I ordered the SnB handbook and Scarf Style. After seeing the "backyard leaves" scarf on several blogs, I had to order it.

Sigh...more than enough knitting to contemplate for now. Marji


Dana said...

Beautiful silk, I keep looking at it myself every time I'm out shopping but can't decide what to make, so I have yet to buy it. I love love the colors though. I'll be watching your progress and maybe that will help me decide what I'll make.

Red Dog Knits - Kristi and Otis said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Love the scarf and I lol regarding the title of your blog - too funny! I too plan on delving into the irish hiking scarf...yours looks great and I love the yarn.

KnitPastis said...

I like the way your scarf turned out and thrilled to hear you dyed up some Patons classic! I love dyeing yarn. Just now used the Patons and it dyes up pretty well.